Lisa Donovan with Rich Little and Mel Torme

Rich Little and Mel Torme frame Lisa in a photo taken at an event at the Los Angeles Friars club honoring Mel. Lisa was among the entertainers that evening and so impressed Mel that he later used her as an opening act

Rich Little was the first big name entertainer to use Lisa as an opening act in the main room of a major Hotel & Casino. It was a memorable debut in more ways than one.

It was early on that Friday afternoon. Lisa was on a break from shooting her TV show, FACE THE MUSIC, when she received an emergency phone call from Rich Little's agent, who had been promising Lisa a main room engagmenent. Rich Little's opening act up in Lake Tahoe had become ill. Could Lisa fill in? 

Could she ever!

She packed her music, her costumes and makeup and made a mad dash for the
 Burbank Airport, where Rich's agent had managed to hold the plane for her.
 Lisa arrived at the hotel 30 minutes before she was due to open the show.

 In one corner of the dressing room, Lisa went over her music with the conductor as the wardrobe lady helped put her together. In another area of the same room, Lisa's manager discussed sound and light requirements with the house technicians.

It all came together and Lisa opened on time and the show went fine. As she left the stage, Lisa met Rich Little, waiting to go on, for the first time. He had seen the last part of her act and asked her if she had told the audience about her mad dash to get to Tahoe.

She had not.

Rich was so impressed that he spent the opening minutes of his show talking about Lisa.
They later toured together.  
Peacefully and calmly.
Without any dashing anywhere.

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