Lisa Donovan with Bob HopeOn one of their first appearances together, Bob Hope arrived for his show that night while Lisa was in the middle of her rehearsal. He asked Lisa three things:

  1. How was her dressing room? Answer: Uh...okay. Not what Hope wanted to hear so he had Lisa moved immediately to his empty dressing room in as much as he was staying in a private home with friends.
  2. Had she been paid yet? Answer: no. So Hope sent someone to get her check.
  3. Would she like to do a comic number during the show with him? Answer: Yes! Yes! Yes!

Lisa and Bob worked up the duet in one of the most fun rehearsals that Lisa has ever had.

That night Bob Hope lived up to his reputation for on-stage generosity, as he, one of the all-time great comedians, played straight man to Lisa in a duet he himself prepared.

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